Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to get your kid stop writing on walls ( Magnetic Chalkboard Paint )

( Magnetic Chalkboard Paint )

Toddlers are naturally creative and curious little creatures. They love to draw and color and marvel at what their own hands can do.Sooner or later, kids with crayons seem inevitably to stray onto the walls. Young kids just aren't born knowing where it's ok to draw and where it isn't. If your child has taken to leaving his "fine art" on your walls, then you need to start taking a few actions..

If you do some researches, they are many solutions provided online. One very popular solution is to provide your kids with a magnetic chalkboard or make a chalkboard paint wall. You must offer him an acceptable places and opportunities to draw. Spent some time to color with him at the table, supervised. Set up an art easel, chalkboard, or dry erase board so he can stand and draw, which is a comfortable position for youngsters. Direct him over and over back to this area whenever he wanders towards the walls. Explain this is the wall they can write on, and not to write on or outside the tape. If they write on any other wall, they will be disciplined. Toddlers do not know 'graffiti' is wrong. If this is a first offense, simply explain walls are not for drawing or painting on.

If you wish to make your own chalkboard paint wall and do not know how, you can refer to my previous post here.

Mom and dad, be consistent and patient with your toddler. It may be hard for him or her to understand the difference between drawing on one surface versus another.

Happy trying.

( Magnetic Chalkboard Paint )


  1. Hi there!
    I would just use the spray chalkboard paint or you can use the peel and stick chalkboard adhesives.

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